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LugCalc Updated to Real Time Lug Geometry and Lug Loading Figures

The LugCalc application has been updated such that loading figures and lug geometry figures are updated in real time during lug analysis. This feature will assist the user in better understanding loading conditions and spatially evaluating the geometry of the lug during analysis.

LugCalc Load Figure - Lug Analysis Loads and Direction
New Load Figure – Direction and Magnitude of Load

Many community users have asked for this feature and those that have used it have reported that they appreciate the interface. The real time figure updates have permitted a certain level of geometric experimentation allowing real time lug analysis to be adjusted for geometric and/or design constraints in play.


LugCalc Geometry Figure - Real Time Geometry Representation
LugCalc Geometry Figure – Real Time Geometry Representation

It should be noted that for lugs of extreme alpha and beta angle range, the figure scaling can make the lug base appear taller than your actual design but this does not influence the calculation.

LugCalc™ 1.4 Update is Available

LugCalc V1.4 is available.

This update includes the following changes:

  • Plot lug optimization and rework graphs
  • Print reports with all calculations and equations used
  • Batch lug reports with inputs .csv file