LugCalc Report Function

The report function will take the results as calculated on all previous tabs and organize it into a engineering report that can be used by itself or in a larger document. If saved, the report will be saved in the user defined location as a .txt file. The report text can be copy and pasted directly from the LugCalc™ interface or from the .txt file. All fields required to reproduce the calculation as well as all equations used are included as notes in the report to substantiate the calculation.The input fields will be used to populate the title area of the report. The save report button will not save the lug calculation to a .lug file. It will only save the text in the report window. If you desire to save the input data, navigate back to the Margin of Safety tab and use the “Save Calculation” button or click the file menu and select “Save LugCalc™ File”.

The report generator uses the inputs and calculated values on the previous tabs.

Report Generator Screen / Input Fields

Example Lug Report, all notes removed, notes are available in the Professional version.

Because the output is ASCII text, the user can edit or copy and paste as needed for the required document format.